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Caleb`s story

After a mission to Slovenia, I returned to BYU to continue studying Civil Engineering...

How we met:

The first time we met was in an Engineering class we had together. Not only were we in the same class, but we ended up in the same lab section. I came into the lab and sat down next to a couple of girls. I always liked having girls in my group because they work hard and getting to know girls is always nice. One of those girls happened to be Natalie. When it was time to split up into lab groups, Natalie said "Do you want to be in our lab group?" We exchanged contact information for our group and that was the end of lab for that day. A few days later in class we both walked out at about the same time, so we started talking. We kept talking and walking in the same direction, and we both went a little farther out of the way to keep talking.

We had our lab once a week which was mostly just work, but we walked after class at least once a week since we were going in same direction anyway.

After we finished writing our lab report in the engineering computer lab a couple weeks later, I waited until only Natalie was left and asked her to go on our first date. She said she couldn`t that weekend, so we went the next weekend instead.

We went on a picnic at a nearby park and had a great time blowing bubbles and throwing a Frisbee. We continued dating after that, and the rest is history.

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Natalie`s Story

The Proposal:

On January 17, Caleb and I went out to a restaurant for his birthday. Over Christmas break I sewed Caleb a tie and I was so excited to give it to him in the restaurant. Little did I know he was going to give me something more fantastic that evening!

After the restaurant we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Caleb went to his sister`s endowment and I went downstairs and did baptisms.

I finished much sooner than Caleb, and embarrassingly, the next thing I remember is Caleb waking me up! He took me outside near the fountain while a light snow was falling. Caleb said such sweet words to me and placed a tiara in my hair. I started to cry gobs and gobs and he got on his knee and I think I said yes much too quickly! We are so inexpressibly happy to spend the rest of our lives together.